Aboriginal Health Checks (715) are for the whole family – that’s mums, dads and kids. You should book a check every year, which also helps develop a good relationship with your GP.

These checks are easy and non-invasive, plus they can help prevent or detect potentially chronic health conditions.

If you would like an Aboriginal Health Check, make sure you book a longer appointment with your doctor.

Why does my GP need to know if me or my family are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?

It’s important to let your doctor know for a number of reasons:

  • You many need a different immunisation schedule due to your ethnicity, for genetic reasons.
  • You may be at a higher risk of certain health conditions, so regular screening and early detection is important.
  • You may need additional access to Medicare items and some allied health services.

Did you know?

When you or a family member receives an Aboriginal health check (715), you can go into the draw to WIN a $250 voucher*!

To enter, simply take one of an Aboriginal health check flyer to your doctor when you have your check, then return it to Moorditj Koort.

*Vouchers must be used to support a health lifestyle (e.g. gym membership, sport equipment, fruit and veggie hamper etc.)

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