We understand the importance of education and support in encouraging good health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island children.

Moorditj Koort works with schools in our local community to offer yearly health checks aimed at promoting health and wellbeing for young people.

How does it work?
Our Program Officers and nurse work closely with Aboriginal Indigenous Education Officers (AIEO) to organise consent forms for parents, so children can participate in free annual checks while at school.

What checks do children receive?
Our friendly nurse conducts a basic children’s health check – including eyes, ears, weight and height – and asks a few simple questions about their general health and wellbeing.

How much does it cost?
This Moorditj Koort service is provided free of charge.

What happens if the nurse detects a problem with a child?
We’ll contact parents and provide a referral for their child to attend their normal GP. If unable to get to the GP, we can also arrange for a GP to visit the school for a consultation.

Which schools participate in Moorditj Koort school health checks?

  • Leda Primary School
  • Medina Primary School
  • Orelia Primary School
  • Gilmore College

If your school isn’t listed but would like to participate in this program, please contact us.

Want to know more?
For further information on our school health check program, please get in touch. To find out when the Moorditj Koort nurse will be visiting schools next, speak to your AIEO.

Did you know?

Simply consenting for your child to be seen by the Moorditj Koort nurse at their school puts you in the draw to win a $250 voucher to support your healthy lifestyle. (E.g. gym membership, sport equipment, fruit and veggie hamper etc.)

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