Moorditj Koort Aboriginal Corporation t/a Moorditj Koort Health and Wellness Centre is the proud new owner of the Medina property on which it has operated since 2010.

Last Tuesday, at an event on site, the Aboriginal Lands Trust handed over the property title to Moorditj Koort, in what marks a significant long-term achievement for the local Aboriginal community and its goals of self-determination and self-management.

Moorditj Koort now is a local Aboriginal-owned and controlled health service, delivering services to the local community on Aboriginal-owned land.

It is the first time in two years that the Department of Aboriginal Affairs has divested properties to an Aboriginal organisation and comes three years after Moorditj Koort and Medina Aboriginal Cultural Centre approached the Aboriginal Lands Trust to discuss securing the title deeds for the benefit of the Aboriginal community.

On presenting the title to Moorditj Koort, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Peter Collier said the organisation represented what we, as an entire community, needed to do to ensure we closed the gap.

Minister Collier said Moorditj Koort was coordinated from the bottom-up, where decisions were made and embraced by the community themselves, with everyone working collectively and in unison.

“What you have here in this program is how to overcome the enormous disparity that exists in so many areas of the community, between Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal people, and you do show us it’s not rhetoric,” Minister Collier said.

Moorditj Koort CEO Jonathon Ford said the event signified hope. “It gives us hope that Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people can work together. It gives us hope that Aboriginal people and the government can work together to get outcomes for our people.

“It gives other communities hope too. It’s a hard thing for our Kwinana mob to go and talk about all the things happening in our community, and to hear about not much happening in other areas. I think as a Kwinana community and Noongar community, we have a responsibility to help those communities, and it gives them hope that they can do what we’ve done,” Mr Ford said.

“It gives our people hope that change is here. We are reflective of a change that our people have strived for. People hope that change is coming. But it’s not coming, it’s already here. We’ve shown that, we’ve proven that.

Moorditj Koort Aboriginal Corporation chairperson Michelle Sultan said securing the property titles would help the organisation build on its vision of improving its holistic health and wellbeing outcomes.

“Today’s outcome also provides security for Moorditj Koort, Medina Aboriginal Cultural Centre and the local Aboriginal community into the future,” Mrs Sultan said.

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