Moorditj Koort Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre is further promoting healthy living with a fresh program encouraging the local community to get social and stay active.

Aimed at local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over 18 years of age, the Indigenous Healthy Lifestyle Program (IHLP) brings together a range of free group fitness programs supporting health and wellbeing for people across fitness levels and life stages.

Getting started in the free IHLP is simple – individuals just need to visit their local GP for an easy and non-evasive Aboriginal Health Check (715), then get in touch with the Moorditj Koort team to register their interest. 

So what activities are on offer?

For those looking to put their best foot forward, the IHLP Walking Group offers the chance to meet new people in the local community with free fortnightly sessions highlighting walking as a simple and effective form of exercise.

The many health benefits of walking include a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and arthritis; burning calories to better manage weight; reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels; and improved quality of sleep and general energy.

New mums in the local community can also take baby steps towards a return to physical activity by registering for the IHLP Mums and Bubs Exercise Group. Weekly morning sessions at Champion Lakes will help mums get together for advice and support, taking positive steps towards more regular physical activity.

Alternatively, local women keen to lift their heart rate a little higher can join all the fun of Moorditj Koort Netball as part of the IHLP – building their skills and staying active in a social environment across courts in Cockburn and Armadale.

Program coordinator Imahra Cameron said the initiative was all about promoting a healthy lifestyle for those in the local community, helping to prevent chronic disease and health concerns in the future.

“Improving or maintaining our health and wellbeing is all about making the right lifestyle choices, including the effort we make to stay active and what we choose to eat and drink – so this program is designed to help support a healthy mindset”, Imahra said.

“Moorditj Koort does a great job supporting those in our local Aboriginal community dealing with serious health issues, but we also know services like our Indigenous Health and Lifestyle Program plays an important role encouraging preventative healthcare.”

More information

Head to our Indigenous Healthy Lifestyle Program page for more information on the activities on offer and follow the program on Facebook and Instagram for regular news and updates.

Alternatively, contact Program Coordinator Imahra Cameron on 6174 7000 for details.


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